Baby thingsss / by Paige Johnson

It’s no denying that while pregnant one of the most exciting things is planning for the baby and buying all the cute baby things! I do love having a baby in the winter because you get to buy all the tiny little cozy accessories! I’m a sucker for little hats and cozy knits! Below I shared things that weren’t around when Iris was a babe that I’ll be buying and things I loved that I’ll still be buying!

Baby Products I’m loving that are newer!

Nuna lite lx car seat: Iris had the Nuna when she was a babe but I love this new color birch and it’s supposed to be even lighter. I’m a huge Nuna fan so I’m excited to try it out!

Bumbleride Double Stroller: I have my eye on this double stroller. It looks ideal for off-roading which we really need here in the country and it is highly reviewed! I also am loving this navy color for something different!

Gathre Changing Mat: I was a big fan of Gathre mats when Iris was a babe and still am for the beach and playing outside or picnics but they didn’t have these changing pads when she was a baby, so I will definitely be getting one of these! I never used my changing station in her room really so a good on the go mat is what I’m looking for!

Bassinet Rocker: I am going to be trying one of these when the babe is little instead of a crib since Iris wasn’t a crib fan. These are easy and light to move around next to the bed or wherever and the basket easily pops in and out! Not to mention I think they are so pretty and I love that they don’t take up much space at all!

Dockatot: I’ll be getting one of these for all the on the go traveling we do when we are visiting family members and friends! So nice for when you need a safe place for the babe to nap or just hang out!

Cloud Humidifier: I’ve heard great reviews about this little humidifier and I think it’s super cute and small so I’ll be trying this out in the nursery!

Leather Diaper Bag: I love this bag because it is a nice roomy size and it has a compartment for my camera and tons of baby/toddler things! I like that I’ll use it before and after the baby is little also!

WildBird Sling: These adorable carriers came out after Iris was a babe and I already ordered one! Can’t wait to try it out! It’s so easy and fast to use. Iris never carried so I’m hoping this babe does!

Mushie Binks: Iris never took a binky which I know is a blessing later on but a curse early on! I’m hoping this babe takes a binky because I think it helps so much with sleep and soothing out in public! I’m ordering these pacifiers, which recently came out not too long ago and I think they are the prettiest!

leather rocker: I never had a rocker in Iris’s room but when I saw this it was a definite! I love that I’ll use it in our living room in the future also and I think it looks so comfy and so pretty!

Waffle Knit Blanket: I love the company Fin&Vince and they weren’t around that I remember when Iris was a baby and I just adore this soft organic waffle blanket! I also love that I would use it elsewhere in our house after the baby is little!💕

Sollywraps: When Iris was first born I don’t remember Solly having swaddles or knowing of them, I remember their carriers I just don’t think they had a lot of other products at the time, so I’m really excited to have a few of these pretty wraps especially in these fall colors!😍

Baby clothing: Both brands I loved with Iris and newer brands I’m eyeing

Sollybaby: The same company that makes the swaddles I want also now make cozy super comfy sets! You will see a few example above of them on a babe! I can’t wait to try them out!

QuincyMae: You will see above some really neutral soft pink pieces and some adorable oatmeal polka dots, some cute booties, knot hats, etc. Quincy Mae is a newer brand sister to the kids brand Rylee and Cru. I’ve ordered a few pieces already because I was so excited to try them out! They are Soo soft and I love their soft and subtle shades! Quincy Mae will be a staple in our babes wardrobe!

JamieKay: I’ve always thought Jamie Kay’s simple ribbed onesies as you see above were so cute and simple so I’m really excited to try them out!

Childhoods: I love Childhoods night sets and their sleep sacks looks lovely and made of the same modal material so I will definitely be buying a few! They are just the softest! Iris is obsessed with her childhood nigh sets!

Fin&Vince: One of my favorite brands as I mentioned above also makes cozy baby pieces which I would love to try out! They use organic pima cotton a lot which I love!

NatureBaby: One of my absolute favorite brands when Iris was a babe for their knotted hats! I loved the fit of them and they have some really cute onesies and other baby pieces!

Zara: A classic and favorite for cute baby knit sets! They always have some really cute winter baby pieces, and I have a few pieces that I have my eye on!

Zutano booties: The cozy cream booties you see above! Awesome warm booties for staying on their feet!

mits: loved these easy little Burt’s bees mits when Iris was fresh and new to keep from scratching!

Baby Products that are my favorites from when Iris was a babe and still will use!

Little Unicorn: Almost all of my swaddles and most blankets come from Little Unicorn. They are by far my favorite to use for nursing. I always use their swaddles to just throw over and nurse Iris because they were so breathable and lightweight. I never used an actual nursing cover, I just didn’t find it necessary 🤷🏼‍♀️! I also adore their prints!

Detergent: I love the Noodle and Boo laundry detergent for babes! Love the smell so much and safe ingredients!

TubbyTodd: One of my favorite bath products for babies and kids! I also love how gentle and soft it is on the skin! Not to mention they have amazing scents!

ComoTomo bottles: Iris never took a bottle for me 👀 but I did love these the best when she would take water and such when she was older and hoping this baby will use them even earlier on!

Nipple Balm: I loved this nipple balm while starting out nursing!

Diaper Balm: My absolute favorite diaper balm when Iris was a babe! Won’t use anything else unless I need to!

Baby book: My favorite baby journal that I discovered when Iris was little! I already ordered mine as you can write in it from pregnancy up to age 18! It’s super organized and pretty and comes in lovely colors!

Diapers: I loved the Honest diapers when Iris was a baby and will definitely be using them again! Also, that strawberry print gets me every time! 🍓