How it’s been different / by Paige Johnson


Here we are! I feel like I haven’t talked much at all about the new little girl on the way on here, so I figured it was about time! Can’t believe we are now in the 6 month of pregnancy. It’s flying by and I honestly feel like the baby will be here like Tomorrow! This pregnancy has definitely been different in many ways than my first. With Iris I never had the typical “ morning sickness” I felt more ill in the evening time. I also just never felt great with her the whole time, not deathly ill or anything just didn’t feel myself or “great”. I also had major back pains with Iris, so much so that I thought something was seriously wrong, but thankfully it must have either been just first baby stretching or major nerve pains. I also felt like I carried condensed and high with Iris, I feel like I carried typical girl style with her! This time much was different. Just about the moment I found out I was pregnant I felt sick every single morning, I now know why it’s called “morning sickness”, just that instant nausea first thing waking up and a motion sickness like feeling like you just got off a boat. It started early around 6 weeks but then thankfully faded away quickly around week 11! Since then I’ve had my days of course but for the most part I feel myself and much better than I did with Iris as a general statement. I have some lower back pains and such this time every now and then but nothing compared to what I had with Iris which is such a relief! I also am carrying much lower I think than with Iris, which might just be a second baby thing with that area already going through pregnancy before. The only thing very much the same is the car sickness! I always have a tendency towards getting car sick but when I’m pregnant it’s just much worse, so I’d almost always rather drive when pregnant! All in all it’s been a very different experience this time around. I was more sick in the beginning with this babe, but have felt pretty great after like week 11, I’m carrying a bit lower, not as major back issues, and don’t feel hormonal emotionally either this time which I feel like I did have a little anxiety with Iris lol. I think all of the differences this time around made me unsure before we found out the gender of what the baby would be! I felt like 60/40% towards girl this time around but with Iris I was about 98/2% ( I was certain she was a girl)!

I love being pregnant in the fall and I’m excited to see the belly pop a bit more in the coming months!! Overall it’s been a pretty wonderful pregnancy, and it’s been flying by!! I’ll try to share more over the next few months on here, and also realized I haven’t been taking as many personal photos so I’ll try to also do that to share in the coming months! We are so thrilled to be having another girl and I can’t wait to see her and Iris together! Now being in week 24 it’s surreal to realize how quickly Iris will gain a sister and we will become a family of four. We always knew we wanted several children but with Iris we were so young that I wasn’t in a rush for the second because we weren’t initially even planning to have kids for a few years when we got married. However, we were thrilled when we found out with her and she has been just the best Ever! We cannot imagine our life without her! The moment she was born I felt instantly connected to her, which I know is a blessing. She is pure joy and has the sweetest little soul. She is the daughter of my dreams and these last years of our lives have been the absolute best! I just knew for myself that I wanted to soak up the first few years with her and didn’t feel rushed to have another and Jesse and I are both so happy with the time we have spent with just her and love the age she is now for becoming a sister! It feels like she is a part of the team, she’s so excited and I know she is going to be a little mother hen! I am so excited to see who this next little girl will be. I grew up with all brothers and I always wanted a girl so to have two feels so special! Anyways, there’s just a little babble of my thoughts and journey through this pregnancy so far! Keep us in your prayers over the next few months for a healthy pregnancy and new baby girl!💕