Fall To Do🍂 / by Paige Johnson

Every new season I love to make a list of all the things we’d love to do! Autumn is easily Iris’s favorite time of year aside from Christmas. I’m not kidding when I say she brings it up almost daily, asking when it’s going to be fall again and when all the leaves will change. I will say tho that the leaves are already starting to change here, and I think we are going to get beautiful foliage this year! The cool crisp mornings and evenings have begun and it’s truly the best. We love going for long walks/hikes together, so this weather is perfect! We have so many fun festive things planned for the season and I’m so excited. I love summer trust me I do, but we have sooo many summer parties and picnics that we go to that I’m ready for a change of pace! More intimate family festive plans are my jam! I’m going to list some plans we have to check off below and hey maybe you can grab some ideas from it or maybe you’re like me and already have it all planned out!🍂 Either way it’s fun to talk about.🤪

  1. Apple Picking: we go to a local apple orchard several times during the fall to pick fresh apples and certain apples are ripe different times so we make several trips! They also have fun things for the kids to do there so Iris is always so excited to go!

  2. Have an Apple baking day: Of course we just eat the apples too, but I love having at least one day dedicated to baking one or a few things with the fresh apples! Then maybe getting together with some family to eat and share it!

  3. Take a Road Trip: I love going on at least one road trip, possibly more, to neighboring towns not too far away. Fall is just a beautiful time to take a longer drive with all of the pretty foliage and it’s fun to walk around and check out new places not too far away!

  4. Butterfly Release: This year we are finally making it to the monarch butterfly release which I’ve always wanted to do. Iris is super excited and I’m not gonna lie so am I!

  5. Trip to NYC: I usually always go on at least one trip to the city in the fall! It’s my favorite time to go, especially on a beautiful day! I just think of You’ve Got Mail and her strolling down the street. I have one trip planned with my mom and aunt at the end of this month but who knows maybe I’ll be back again!

  6. Harvest Festival: I love going to some kind of festival each fall. Recently we went to a festival in the small town of Honesdale and we had a lot of fun. We will be going back again this year with some family, and it’s just a relaxing fun day with the kids.

  7. Pumpkin Carving Contest: My mom always has an annual pumpkin carving contest and it ends up being really fun. We all put in a few dollars and someone wins it at the end, but really it’s just so fun to see Iris loving ever minute of it! We also have some sort of autumn food like soup and fresh bread and a dessert.

  8. Pumpkin Patch: Of course we always have to make a day for the big pumpkin patch! We have a place nearby that is quite extensive with so many fun things for kids and adults and we make a whole day out of it. It’s an autumn must!

  9. Costume Party: This year we are going to do a costume party one sunday with all of the little cousins. I’m really excited about it because we don’t really go out on the town trick or treating so this will be so fun for all of them to be together with their costumes, and have some fun fall treats and maybe some games!

  10. Travel up North: This is something that is pending! I really want to go up north one weekend because I know places like Vermont get the prettiest most vibrant colors. We will see if it happens tho, but I’m dying to!

  11. Drink lots of warm drinks: Simple easy to remember 🤪

  12. Annual Spaghetti Dinner at the Lake: If you haven’t noticed already from this list my family is really big on traditions and special little annual days! Every Fall we have made it a point to have an annual dinner at my grandparents lake house, with my great grandma’s ( who is also alive and well❤️) homemade rigatoni and meatballs 🍝.

  13. Make lots of soups: Something I’ve already gotten a big headstart on as I’ve made it like 5 or 6 times in the past few weeks 🙈. I love trying out new soups each year and of course making soups we already love. Soup is one of Iris’s favorite meals so it’s an awesome way to get her to eat a lot of different nutritious things all in one meal!

Well I think I’ve got quite a few things covered above on what we plan to do this next autumn season! Hope you enjoyed reading through them and I hope you get to do a lot of festive fun things with your families this season!🍂🍂 Let me know if you have any suggestions, or any unique things you love to do, or if any of the things above inspired you! You can comment below or private message me!🥰