Christmas Time is Here / by Paige Johnson


Ahhh Christmas! Now that Thanksgiving is over it's officially acceptable to decorate for Christmas! I just love it oh so much! Nothing is better than the warm cozy feeling of Christmas. Family, friends, warm drinks, warm laughs, giving, loving, and celebrating Jesus together, it doesn't get better. I've always been a huge Christmas freak but now that I have my own home and family to celebrate and decorate with just makes it all the more special. So I've decided to collaborate some different styles of decorating for those of you who are still deciding which style you love best or maybe just give you some inspiration for new ideas on a style you already love! Below I will be listing four different takes on Christmas and to be honest I appreciate them all in different ways. I love that everyone has their own style and taste and that we can all celebrate Christmas in our own way! 

A Farmhouse Christmas


Now this is probably one of the most popular styles right now! It's screams Fixer Upper! It maintains your classic plaids and tartan designs while blending in modern wood tones and pops of white. With this style your going to see a lot of signs and little phrases on wall pieces and pillows. Your also going to see a lot more of your classic Christmas colors with this style like deep reds and greens. You might see some lanterns lit on the floor and maybe a little vintage red truck. It brings a woodland vibe while still maintaining a modern touch. This style is not hard to achieve or find as soo many stores carry it! Magnolia Market has some really cute pieces online for this style and their signs are cute and not cheesy! If you are a country girl at heart or just love you some farmhouse/classic fixer upper style, this choice is for you!  You can find many pieces for this style at Target, Magnolia, Hobby Lobby, and Pottery Barn. 

Christmas Signs link Below


A French Inspired Christmas


About as classy as it gets. French inspired Christmas is all about the rich feel of the holidays. Lots of gold and silver tones will fill your home and many lit candles will fill the rooms. Many ornate decorations will fill your home, with deer being one of your favorite decorations of choice. Thick lush greens will be a popular choice along with paired fruits. Fruits for decor pair well with this style as it gives that lush garden feel of France among the winter months. Color will not be a common choice to go with this style, you will mainly see the simple tones of silver, gold, and white.  A great style of choice if you are all about throwing the parties and making a statement! You can find many gold and silver pieces at your local Michaels, Home Goods, Pier One, and Hobby Lobby. 


A Scandinavian Christmas


Probably the one style you will find most of on Pinterest these days! It is on the rise! Scandinavian/Monochrome style has been growing in popularity for a few years now and this year more than ever is it accessible at local stores. This style is all about neutrality. Black and white, greenery, and maybe a pop of copper tones. That's it! There is rarely color involved and there is nothing unpurposed. This is definitely the simplest yet most difficult style to achieve, because it requires 100 percent purposed space and decor. Your home itself normally has to already reflect this style to achieve it properly. Most all white rooms, wood floors, and simplistic furniture. This style also requires a lot more innovation, it is a very raw and organic take on Christmas so many decorations are done yourself or found fresh likes local greens and pomegranates as shown in the picture above. I really enjoy this style. It feels fresh, simple, and clean. It's like a breath of fresh air. You can find many pieces for this style now at Target in the new Hearth and Hand line from Magnolia!


A Feminine Christmas

This style speaks to my heart! It's my first style of choice even though I do like a little mix of others, feminine always gives me all the feels! This style of course has all the pops of pastels, mainly pinks! Probably the furthest choice from a traditional Christmas style, but I love it for that reason! It rings in Christmas while still maintaining a feminine vibe that ties into my decor for the rest of the year. It's classy yet modern at the same time. There is something so exciting and refreshing to me about this style, it's always constantly inspiring me! You can find many pieces for this style on Anthropologie, Home Goods, and Target always has some good pops of pink!


Well, that's it for today! I hope it put you in the Christmas decor spirit! I would LOVE to hear what your favorite style is, maybe you like something totally different, maybe a mix of both, maybe a few, whatever it is I'd love to hear!  SO COMMENT BELOW <3! 

With Love, 

Paige <3