Last Minute Gifts / by Paige Johnson



1. Pretty Little Books 

One of my absolute favorite things to give and receive! It's a gift that's not often thought of but so lovely, books! I'm not talking novels, but pretty books! You know which ones I mean. The ones that catch your eye with their beautiful photography and colors. I've found these books to be one of the most thoughtful and exciting gifts. There is a book for everyone, with all the varieties and diversity in books today, you won't have a problem picking a perfect one out for that someone! These are the best gifts because they make a great coffee "flip-through" kind of read, they are full of inspiration and beauty, and they make great decor pieces for coffee tables and shelves. Not to mention some of the recipes are just so amazing. I have like 10 of these books I can think of right now that I want, so honestly you just can't go wrong! Anthropologie has the most beautiful collection of books, check them out!


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2. Pretty Little Kitchen Items

The best gift for the person who loves their coffee! Also amazing for the hostess, cook, or the homemaker. It's always so exciting to have your coffee in your new mug/mugs or be able to add a new pretty piece to your kitchen! These are gifts you don't often justify buying for yourself so it's so nice to give them as gifts!


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3. Pretty Little Candles

A classic choice but always a good one! It's always important to choose a candle that has an attention to detail, not just any ole' thang, something that makes a statement all on it's own! Of course you gotta make sure it smells good too! Just read the description, reviews, and ingredients on your candle and you don't have to fear, especially if it comes from a good site! A pretty candle and maybe a cute little bottle of matches can make that perfect little gift. 


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4. Pretty Little Beauty Products

A gift people often steer away from since people can be very particular about their products, but honestly it never goes unappreciated and sometimes can be that gift you never knew you wanted. Introduce them to a fun new product, it's exciting and unique! When the packaging is just a pretty as what's on the inside it makes even more of a statement. So don't be afraid! Dare to be different. <3


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With Love,

Paige <3