Holiday Cards / by Paige Johnson


There's nothing more exciting than planning your holiday card and I so look forward to receiving them in the mail!! This was our Christmas card photo from last year, taken by ! Look how little Iris was!!  I loved this session we did last year because it was fun and I love downtown photoshoots. I love a more " lifestyle" shoot, where it brings more life and a story to the photos. So I decided to use some pictures from some recent shoots I've done and create some mock holiday cards to give you examples and hopefully give you some inspiration! Also I've combined different images and used some random names just to give you a feel for what your card could look like, so excuse the weird last names and combinations of Iri and Ev together even though they aren't family, hah! <3


I love the warmth that Christmas cards bring, it's one of the moments in your life where you can share what makes your family so special and share moments of joy and life! These shown above have a warm gold tone to them, below you'll see some cards with a soft silver feel. 


You really can go any direction as far as color combination choices go when it comes to holiday cards, but I prefer a neutral tone! Something that is simple, maybe a hint of metallic pressed lettering, and pretty whites! It makes your images stand out more. The simpler you card is, the more of a statement it makes. Artifact Uprising is by far my favorite choice for holiday cards but I also like Paperless Post. I can't wait to see what everyone decides on for their cards this year and I can't wait to create some pretty moments with some of you!<3

With Love,