Spring time dreamin' / by Paige Johnson

Spring, Spring, Spring! Did I mention, Spring?! It’s all we think about this time of year isn’t it? I honestly don’t mind. It lets you have a little warm escape in your head with the smell of fresh grass and the warm glow of the sun. Seeing the first pops of flowers brings me silly amounts of joy. If hope were a season it would be spring. So naturally with any season, we all love to change it up with a few cute pieces that make you feel good to go out and conquer your day! Florals are an absolute must for me, along with a cute pair of summer jeans, lots of whites, linens, and all the feminine stuff. Along with the every year usuals the new trend that i’m digging just a little is the bike shorts. I know it’s a little controversial of a style but I think it’s a cute way to go casual this spring/summer with a pretty tunic or a cute tee/sweatshirt! Sooo, below I linked a few cute pieces and I’ll continue to link more as the season grows closer and more things pop up!