Last Minute Trip to Disney / by Paige Johnson


Sooo pretty last minute and randomly Iris and I are hitching a ride with my family to Florida next friday! Yessss, we are driving the whole way…..send helpp. So pretty much what happened was my family decided to go to Florida to stay at my grandparents for a week. They then began to bribe their way into getting Iris to come because they wanted to take her to Disney. Eventually, I casually mentioned it to Jesse, my husband, in somewhat of a joking way and he ended up surprising me by telling me to go. He works a whole lot all of the time ( Hardest working man I know to be honest and I love him for it) but in the winter months even moreee so, so naturally Iri and I spend a lot of days/nights at home alone, so he was just like if you have the opportunity you should go! He’s a sweety. Sooo, here we are! I'm last minute unpacking summer clothes and figuring out what we will need. Can’t believe I’ll be taking Iris to Disney already for her first time! Of course, I’m sad Jesse can’t be there with us but we will be back! So excited to see her little face light up, she’s such an excitable little child and just adores all the Disney characters so she will be in heaven. She mentions it to me every single day now! Personally, I’m real excited to go back to Harry Potter World because I mean, duh!! I’ll have to grab Jesse some of his favorite treats from Honeydukes! The best part of it all will definitely be getting to soak up a little bit of sunshine before headed back to winter. I’m not gonna lie it is always hard coming back to the cold/dark, but we will be too ready to see Daddy this time so it won’t be hard!