The Little Fall wardrobe 🍂 / by Paige Johnson


It’s almost that time of year! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely Love spring and summertime and I’m always so so anxious for them to come after a long winter, however there is something so special about autumn when it comes. It’s also very special to be able to live in an area that actually gets beautiful fall weather and foliage! Iris absolutely adores the fall, it’s easily her favorite time of year. She talks about it all the time which I find so funny for a kid her age to be planning for her favorite time of year already. I think I know who she gets that planning gene from! 🤪 I will say though that the wardrobe planning in the fall gets all the more fun! The high knee socks, leather shoes, warm colors, cute hats, I mean all the fun! I’m always inspired by colors in the fall that make me feel nostalgic and cozy. I’m drawn to things that I picture making holiday/festive memories in and I totally romanticize it in my mind. Definitely doesn’t save me any money because if I picture those memories hard enough I have to have it! I get many inquiries about Iris’s wardrobe, which by the way thanks so much guys, I appreciate all the love it always makes me smile! So anyways, I figured I would share some shops that I will be buying from and most of the pieces that will make up her closet this autumn/winter season and where I derived my inspiration from!

This Fall I’ve been very inspired my these warm feelings with cozy thick knits, nostalgic gingham, soft palette linens, and anything that gave me that “ home” feeling.

Plaid Romper:

grey and cream cozy knits:

mountain sweater:

puff sleeve dress:

Another Inspiration for this next season is fall with a touch of holiday inspiration to easily transition into the holiday season and winter! Love this vogue/French inspired pallet of cream, touches of black, pin stripes, tiny pops of red, and browns.

Pin Striped dress:

Beret: www.h&

rain boots:

red socks.

tree dress/ cream set:

striped cozy sets:

black floral pinafore & linen top:

I’m also always inspired by English countrysides and towns during the fall! It has this calming beautiful feeling to it. I love pieces that remind me of times a little simpler like authentic leather boots, high ruffle socks and tights, girly bows, thick knit hats, and simple staples.

Simple linen top:

cream hat:

copper hat:

ruffle socks:

green socks:

leather boots:

plaid wool coat:

black tights:

overalls: (they don’t come in this color anymore but come in other shades, but you can also find similar pairs in pretty brown color on amazon or other shops!

dusty blue pinafore:

Pima cotton turtleneck:

Simple floral dress:

All Bows:

So as you can see I somewhat try to make her wardrobe all flow together in a cohesive way that makes it easy to mix and match with other pieces! I’m always inspired by French and English style so I will always have pieces that heir towards the classic vintage little girl wardrobe, but I love to mix in a few modern pieces that are still feminine yet fun! If you want to follow along with exactly what I buy her go to my Pinterest page here @paigeandiris where I have all of her pieces pinned to Iris FW19! 🍂