Fall Recipes🍂: Chaider / by Paige Johnson

Chaider 🍎  


This drink recipe I use all throughout the Autumn season. It’s so delicious and so easy to have on hand for a nice fall treat!  Chai and cider together is like the perfect fall in a cup!

Soooo Simple!  

There are Two different ways to have it . 

First Way

Boil water and then Brew 6-7 Vanilla Chai Tea bags in a half gallon jar. Keep in fridge on hand.

Buy local Apple Cider. 

Then Just poor half and half over ice! That’s it! 

Second Way

Same as the first way except instead of brewing Vanilla Chai Tea bags just buy Chai Tea concentrate.

I buy Oregon Chai brand! 

This recipe is a little sweeter and SO delicious but the first way is also very good and less sugar! I do both! 🍂


Seriously Guys it’s my fav throughout Autumn! So so easy and so yummy!