The Beauty Edit / by Paige Johnson

Hey Guys! So I’ve gotten asked to do a beauty edit a few times and I’ve never done one yet because I’m pretty simple haha! I mean maybe not simple to some people, but in the makeup world I’m pretty simple! I mean I even forgot to put mascara on in the pictures above 🙃 so yah haha, I ain’t a professional! But I do like my routine so I figured I’d share the love! I do almost the same thing every day. I like to keep a simple natural/feminine look for every day. The only time I really switch it up is maybe in the fall with a red lip every once in awhile for a special day out!  Anyways, figured I’d share my favorite skin care products right now and some things I’m wanting to try! Then I also listed my everyday makeup products!


My Currents Skin Care Favorites

Favorite Face Wash: 

Guys I’m obsessed! Literally my favorite skin product I’ve ever boughten. The glam glow supercleanse smells slightly of black licorice and looks like a grey charcoal color. It’s suds up in your hands and applies like a smooth cream. But Guys, it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and smooth and great! Literally probably my go to now for life. I bought this a few months ago and it’s already gone and I’m missing it so much after a few days, time to order another!  

Favorite toner: 

The Witchhazel rose toner is a great price and works great! I don’t use it every day but when I feel my skin needs an even out i use it and it seems to work super well and has great reviews! 

Favorite Sprays:  

I recently bought this little barn coconut&pear spray and it feels super nice and smells great on your skin. Doesn’t leave me irritated and gives you that refresh throughout the day!  

My go to however for my face has been this smashbox coconut spray. Holy Moly I was in love!  I spray it on after I cleanse my face to keep my skin moisturized, I spray it on before my makeup, spray it after, and throughout the day. It has been my safe haven this summer! I hope they keep this around because if not I need to stock up!


 Brand New Love 

Fig and Yarrow! My friend in Colorado works at the main base shop for these lovely apothecary skin products! They are made with only the best products and work amazing! I couldn't link all of them but check out there website! You can also find some products at Anthropologie and a specialty line at Target! 

What I bought:

               Gold Mask: Great for sensitive skin, good for cleansing and toning and it smells so good!

                Facial Serum: I AM LOVING this serum! Made up of a bunch of amazing oils to leave your skin glowing and heal it from the inside out. 

                Cleansing Nectar: Helps with toning and keeping skin nice and clean!


A few Target buys:  


Things I’m dying to Try

Currently I’ve been hearing rave reviews over the line called Sunday Riley and I’m really wanting to try some of their products! They are pricey so I haven’t yet but I might start with the Vitamin C serum because I’ve heard such great benefits! 

Also since I’m such a huge fan of the GlamGlow cleanser I really want to try this face mask! I could use a good go-to mask! 

My Everyday Face Products

CC Cream : So I never ever will use another face cream. It cosmetics illumination CC cream is my love. I use medium year round and medium tan in the summer when I’m tan. It’s the perfect match, it soaks into your skin so natural, and blends so perfectly. I also hate a super matte finish, I personally love a dewy natural glow, so this is perfection!! 

Powder: The Bare Minerals Original Powder is my go to for sealing everything in. It doesn’t leave you looking powdery or matte it just keeps everything fresh for all day! Doesn’t irritate my skin and is a clear finish, definitely the best.  

Warmth Powder: The Bare Minerals powder in Warmth is my go to for if I want a little added warmth on the points the sun naturally hits your face. I also love using it on my eyes with a dusty rose color year round! Really nice for if you like to contour and all that jazz, I never get real fancy with that stuff but if you do it’s great! 

Blush: my Grandma bought me this It cosmetics blush for Christmas and I’ve been using it ever since! I love a nice feminine rosey blush and this one works great! I always wear blush!  

Highlight: Now I don’t do this every day but if I’m feelin fancy before I apply my bare minerals powder I’ll use this RMS cream on my upper cheek bones, nose, and below my brow for a little extra glowy pop! This stuff is Bomb y’all!


My Brows 

I don’t do really anything to my brows anymore. I just use these two elf products to brush them up and keep them in place and shape, I don’t fill or anything like that.  I used to have to fill a little at the ends but now after shaping, plucking, and continually brushing them for a year I now don’t have to do anything at all! It’s great, you can totally shape your brows guys, they can grow and be what you want without any filling! 

My Lips

Liner: definitely my go to is this it cosmetics Romantic Rose liner lately, it’s just a shade darker than my natural lip and I LOVE it! I actually also use this on my eyes. It apply it to my eyelids and blend and then apply a little lightly under my eyes. I don’t wear eyeliner so it add just a little pop to my brown eyes and still looks very feminine.  

Gloss: Lately I’ve been loving these Bare Minerals Gen Nude Glosses. They are sticky and they stay on for So Long and have a really nice natural look while making your lips pop a little more. I use the colors Squad or Bestie!  


Mascara: The only thing besides occasionally using a pop of dusty rose on my lids is mascara. My go to is the It cosmetics Superhero lash but I also love this Mac one! They both really seperate each lash and add more volume than any others I’ve tried! They have a wispy romantic natural feel to them which I really like.