On My Heart: words of encouragement / by Paige Johnson


This Friday I head out to visit one of my favorite people and I cannot wait! I don’t see my college friend, Sarah, very often as she moved out to Colorado a few years ago, but hey it makes for awesome adventures and special trips! So, last year in June was the first time I went to visit her and also the first time I had ever left Iris. It was a monumental moment in my “ Mom Life” as I left her for the first time ever overnight, for several days, and it was also when she stopped nursing. A step to her growing older and more independent, and look at her now! Man time flies. It was scary for me to let go a little but also So Amazing! While out there it was such a liberating feeling to just focus on myself, it felt strange but it was so good because those parts of yourself that you forget to put much attention to start to come back. Like who you are outside of a Mom. Now, here me out I’m not saying that being a mom isn’t wonderful, it Totally IS wonderful! Being a mom is the best thing in the world, it’s my greatest privilege and greatest job. I couldn’t love it more! However, i think it’s SOOO important to remember and always try to keep in check a balance of your focus. I think as moms, especially now with all the social media and information we have out there, we want to be perfect. We want to do everything as perfect as we can and we put a lot of focus and attention on our children. I mean how can you not, they consume your whole day, especially as a stay at home mom. While in the midst of focusing on your children and putting all your time, thoughts, energy, focus into them, I think moms can lose themselves. I’ve seen it happen and it breaks my heart! Children are not your only focus, they are a huge and important part, but not the ONLY part.  Your husband, your friends, your family are all important, and through all of it at the center Jesus. You need the balance of your focus. 


Make time for YOU! 

Now, as a believer I totally believe and know that being a servant to others and your family is the most important thing we can do. To love and nourish and sacrifice for our families. However, you cannot fake being loving, and kind, and nourishing, and positive if you don’t truly feel that peace on the inside. To be a role model to your children and husband and others around you, you have to maintain who you are and what makes you special. God created us all to be unique. We all have special gifts and ways we can love other people and our families. You will lose that part of yourself if you don’t ever nourish yourself along with those around you. Part of maintaining the parts of you that make you special is making the time for the things that make you passionate, that you love, that recharge you and drive you. For me, I adore photographing, writing, traveling, going on adventures, spending quality time with my husband, spending time with my friends, working out, planning fun events and festive activities. These are a few things that really help recharge me and drive me and keep me grounded. I believe God made me a planner, creator, positive, people oriented, a helper. I don’t ever want to lose those parts of myself that make me feel so alive and so myself. Fueling yourself fills you up and makes you want to do that for others around you! When your children grow up and are gone from your home, what will you do? Who will you be? Don’t lose yourself in the process of this life. This is where many can become depressed and feel lost. Many moms even feel this in the process of raising their children and I can imagine it’s a scary place to be. So, continue to put the effort into being the best you for your families. You don’t have to feel guilty putting effort into yourself too, because it helps you be the best you for those around you! 

So moms, make the time. Make the plans. Set the goals. Know what makes you special, what your gifts are, what you’re passionate about, and continue to feed them!

My hope for this Mom Community is to exude a positive and loving outlook on being a wife and mother in our daily life and to those around us, because it is such a special and awesome gift! I’m not saying life is all cupcakes and rainbows ( Troll movie reference) but being a positive Christ like light to those around you is so important and feeds the soul of you, your families, and those around you! 

So, I hope this can be an encouragement to you mommas and if you’re not a momma, then an encouragement for when you someday might become one, It’s the best thing!

Much Love, 

Paige <3