Summer Closet Buys / by Paige Johnson

I feel like it went from winter to summer here. I went from freezing to sweating in a day and I always feel like we somehow get jipped of spring here a little bit. However, I think in the next couple of weeks we might get some lovely mild spring weather! Although, summer of course is very exciting and I'm not complaining! I think we all have the urge for a fresh start each spring into summer. Plans we make, places we want to see, things we want to do, and of course things we want to wear. It's a fun time to shop and bring out the best in your style. I always have the most fun with spring and summer wardrobes, there are just so many endless options that I love! So I quickly curated some outfits below for you to flip through at your leasurely pleasure! Just use the arrows to click through and click on the images to shop. I hope you enjoy and happy shopping!<33