Spring Style / by Paige Johnson

Alright, so let's be honest we are still very much in sweater weather mode, at least where we live we are. We are not very close to being able to wear any of these pieces any time soon, however that doesn't mean starting to plan and get excited for what weather is to come isn't fun! Also let's be real that once it is spring that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be perfectly sunshine and warm and wearing dresses and tops without sleeves, even though it is possible, more conveniently though I like to buy and plan for spring and summer together as spring doesn't last very long. So, as a nice transition I like to buy these pieces for spring/summer as a whole and on the cooler spring days just throw on a jean jacket and Go! Anyways, these are some of my favorite pieces and styles I am eyeing at the moment, and I'm major saving and planning for our trip to Italy which will include many dresses, sets, and jumpsuits! Spring is just the most lovely time of year. A new fresh start, the smell of the grass, the pretty buds blooming, the sun and warmth return, and the future of the long days of sunshine and summer. So buying some pieces now in the midst of winter is just the little perk of excitement to get your ready for this new season. 



I'm always a fan of a minimalistic feminine look. Simple and classy. I love these Provence style pieces, so effortless and chic. I enjoy a good floral print, stripes, pastels, pops of red, but nothing gets me like a white linen dress.... am I right?! 



Plain white tops may not necessarily be the most exciting piece of clothing to buy, but they end up being a staple for spring and summer. SO easy to pair with anything! Short, jeans, skirts, bathing suits, and so easy to accessorize with your favorite jewelry or neck scarf. It's a go to! Other staples are fun little strappy camis', feminine floral blouses, pastel shades, eyelets, classic stripes, and a personal fav that French polka dot!




A fun new accessory is always fun! Straw/wicker bags are definitely in and I'm a huge fan! The little round wicker shoulder bags kill me... SO CUTE! I gotta get one ;p. A new passport holder for your fun adventures, a new cosmetic bag, a fancy new purse, a hat, new travel gear, whatever it may be, give yourself a little treat to go with your spring/summer wardrobe <3. 



love always,

paige  <3