Let’s talk about Hair / by Paige Johnson


Recently I’ve gotten lots of questions about my hair so I figured I’d give you a post about the products I like to use and where I go to get it done! 

So first off I do keep it pretty simple when it comes to products but I’ve been trying to take a little better preventative care when it comes to my hair. To start, I don’t dye my hair super often at all. I like to keep my roots natural and just freshen up my highlights every few months and by few I mean about 4/5! I like to keep my hair looking fresh but still natural to what my hair color is. My hair naturally lightens throughout the ends but it’s nice to get them done professionally so they look clean and blend nicely. Having a hairdresser that tones your hair well also makes a Huge difference! 

I’ve been trying to keep up with trimming it way more than I used to which I feel has made it grow a lot faster and look healthier. A super obvious tip but I feel we all can easily neglect it!

I take a healthy dose of Biotin daily which I recommend to everyone! Definitely take a good hair vitamin to maintain healthy shiny looking hair! I don’t have one in particular I’ve taken so many! I’ve taken Sugar Bear Hair, Hair Skin And Nails, but currently am taking Neocell Biotin Bursts and they seem to be working great!  

The next tip I would recommend is using a good shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy! Bad products can really damage your hair. I also love to use a mask on the end of my hair every week to keep them stronger and healthier.  

As far as styling I keep it really simple and either use a wand or a small curling iron and leave about an inch or two of your ends out of the cutler. This is a huge key to a natural look! Also, always brush out the curls after! I recommend a small wet brush, it’s my favorite.  

One of the Biggest keys to amazing hair is having a hairdresser who really knows what you want and can execute it! Someone who can make it look natural and effortless. I go to my friend Jenny at Alexander’s Salon and Spa in Scranton and I highly recommend her! Patience is also key to your hair! You need to know your hair and how it takes to color. I love to have low maintenance when it comes to my hair so I am always thrilled with the way Jenny does mine! It stays looking great for months and months. If you want to make an appointment just tell her I referred you and you will get a FREE haircut!😘😘 Her insta handle is @jennysuemolenko

Also, if you want your hair done really well, with the best experience, and best products, don’t be cheap! Be willing to pay what it’s worth <3! Taking the time to go and get your hair done for a few hours is honestly so relaxing and I look forward to it every time! Knowing that it’s going to be done exactly as I want it with no stress... and just some good girl time! 


Below, I listed some of my favorite hair products!