Best Buys this month / by Paige Johnson


I’ve listed a few of my Best purchases in the past month or so below!

1. Living Proof Weightless Spray: I don’t know about you guys but my hair always seems to static and fall flat when the seasons change! It’s like a whole new adjustment for my hair so I recently bought this spray and it works AMAZING! My hair doesn’t static and my curls seem to stay sooo much better with all the windiness during the autumn season! HIGHLY recommend this product! Just spray onto your damp hair after you shower and then I dry and curl it and love it so much!

2. Striped Headband: I’ve been wearing this JCrew headband nonstop! I think it’s so classic and feminine and matches with so much in my fall wardrobe! Looks so cute with a jean jacket, sweater, or dress. It’s a win win! 

3. Scrunchies: I bought these scrunchies in the neutral color pallet and have been wearing them all the time at home! Super gentle on your hair vs a normal hair tie! 

4. Red lipstick: Who doesn’t love a red lipstick in the Fall. I ordered this Bobbi Brown lipstick in Parisian Red for the autumn season because I saw so many recommendations on it. It’s a super classic red and looks good with all skin tones in my opinion.  Red Velvet is also a super nice shade!

5. GlamGlow: I recently ran out of this cleanser and went like a month without it and just got it in the mail again and let me tell you it was the best mail!! This stuff is just my favorite! It leaves me skin feeling so refreshed and clean but not dry! 

6. Facial Oil: I’m obsessed with facial serums now for nightly and morning routine. I can tell it’s changing my skin. I feel like I have more of a glow since using it and I really love it. I highly recommend using a facial serum mixed with essential oils for daily use!  

7. Dry Bar Triple Sec: Recently discovered this stuff and I feel like I can’t go back. It’s the best for added texture, volume, keeping everything in place and still looks natural.