journeying through photography / by Paige Johnson

I've always loved art, of any form really. I used to think I wanted to be some great painter or artist one day. I quickly realized that that form of art was not my passion and I didn't really know what was. All I know is I love to create beautiful things, but it wasn't really in the form of paper or canvas that truly excited me. Whenever I got the opportunity to theme a party, make pretty desserts, decorate my home, choose clothing, writing, experiment with cooking, even down to wrapping Christmas presents, you name it! It excites me! I'm a creator and sharer by heart. Nothing excites me more than creating and sharing with others. So I'm not going to reject it anymore. For a long time I rejected photography. For several reasons. I didn't want to just " jump on the bandwagon" as some would say. I didn't want to seem amateur or mediocre. I don't want to be just " okay" my passion is to be " great" someday! So for a long time I always said that I would never take pictures as a job but only for personal uses: for my family, my blog, social media, etc! Well..... I guess I might be changing my mind. After being approached by many people throughout the past couple of years I decided I would say yes, give it shot, see how it goes! I will start by saying it is a journey. Finding your own style, your niche, your skills, is an ongoing process, but that's what I love about it! I love growing and learning, it's empowering and intriguing. As far as my style goes I always gravitate towards soft colorful images, pretty pastels, and bright whites, so that's probably where I'm going to stay! I will also say, I genuinely love it so much. I cannot describe how happy it makes me to capture beautiful moments of people, to make people feel beautiful! If I can make people smile, then I've accomplished my goal. So here's to new beginnings, I'm now open and ready to opportunities, to see where this path goes, wherever it takes me! 

That being said I wanted to share two incredibly gorgeous seniors with you all! Shooting them was such a dream! 

First off I'll start with Riley! Talk about a natural beauty, am I right?!!! So many people after seeing her pictures were like wow she looks like Blake Lively, ummmm goals! Her and her mom were such an amazing pair to work with. Tanya ( mom) had asked me months ago to take pictures of Riley, and all the while they were prepping, asking me what she should wear and gave me free reign of location spots and style! They were totally flexible on dates, waiting for the perfect weather, It was wonderful! I chose some of my favorite little spots and we went for it. It was the perfectly partly sunny summer day, we had some laughs and such a wonderful time! I could have shot Riley all day. She says she is shy in front of the camera, well I think she proved herself wrong!! She couldn't look more stunning! 


Next up was a session I did for one of my little cousins! I mean we're distant family but my family on both sides is ridiculously extensive so I don't even try to keep track of specifics. We're family that's all I know!! I can remember when Makayla was just an adorable little sprout. She was always quiet and sweet, still is, and sooo easy to get along with! She was a serious natural in front of the camera!!! She's a country girl at heart and boy does she rock it. As I was photographing her all I could think was, WHAT A BABE! I fell in love with this session. I mean when I spotted the tall grassy field behind a barn I knew it was going to be dreamy! Even though Makayla might have had to climb over a crick and weed her way through prickly bushes and bugs in high heels, she rocked it like a champ! 



SO what about you?! Are there any dreams or passions you have been afraid of pursuing or rejecting them? I'm learning that if certain dreams or passions seem to be pursuing after you, you should go for it! Don't be afraid! I think we all, myself included are afraid of what other people might think or if we will ever be good enough. I'm trying to let those thoughts go. Encouraging others and being encouraged are the things I want to cling to. I've been praying that whatever I'm meant to do would be evident. First and foremost a mom and wife, secondly a creator and sharer whatever that may look like, and through all of it I pray Christ might shine through me to others in all I do. I want to love people more than anything and if photography becomes an outlet for that, I'm all about it!