Colorado Dreamin' / by Paige Johnson

It all started back in college where I met this cool gal! Good ol' Sarah Mortzfield or as Jesse likes to call her Sarah Field-of-Death. Who would have thought a few years later I'd be traveling out to explore the wonders of her now home, Colorado! 

As many of you know from my last post, this was my first time away from my baby and the end to my nursing journey and it was quite a way to start a new chapter. Traveling and exploring has a way of kickstarting your adventurous spirit and goals all over again. Seeing such beauty excites my heart and gives me a passion to do more, see more, be more. I would love to go back and see more of this beautiful place and in time I will be back. For now, I will sit here in my home with my babe and reflect back on memories made and appreciated while they lasted! 

I was only in CO for three days so I had to make the most of it! So we planned out out itinerary the best we could ahead of time and I have to say, we pretty darn well accomplished what we sought out to do! The weather was perfect 90 percent of the trip, which as you all know is such a huge blessing!

So on day one we decided to embark on adventures in the busy city of Denver, where Sarah at the time being resides. We walked about a zillion miles, ate delicious food, sipped delicious drinks, experienced a beautiful festival, and saw beautiful sites! It did not dissapoint, and I must say I'm a little jealous of all there is to do there! Coffee shops, boutique shops, and fabulous restaurants galore! 


Walking miles all over stopping at pretty walls and sipping at coffee shops of course!

Shot by Sarah on her Film!

Shot by Sarah on her Film!


We found the most beautiful semi private bar in the Union Station and it was like a blip back in time! It had the classiest of vibes and the drink menu was superb! It was hands down the best bar experience I think I could ever ask for! Especially on Sarah's film camera it was like a trip back to the 20's!

Photo: Sarah on Film

Photo: Sarah on Film

Photo: Sarah on Film

Photo: Sarah on Film


Below we stopped at the prettiest little Kombucha Bar and I am so jealous of those who have this close by! I want one! There were so many flavors I wanted to try but we settled on a jar of cranberry lavender which we both fell in love with!


 Cheers to Denver!!

We ended our evening driving out to Red Rocks, which I died over!! Jealous of anyone who has seen a concert there, and finished by driving up to Squaw Pass to Watch the Sunset.<3


Also these vintage flare jeans below made for an epic old time feel on Sarah's Film am I right?!! 

Photo: Sarah's Film

Photo: Sarah's Film

Can you tell I was starting to freeze by my awkward arms?! 

After Our full day in Denver we drifted off in exhaustion to a new day headed towards Aspen!

I have to say the drive out to Aspen was so gorgeous! I literally couldn't stop saying " WOW" ! It's pretty wonderful when you don't have to even leave your car to have an amazing time and see some breathtaking views! All you people living out in those mountain towns are lucky ducks!!

When reaching Aspen, I fell in love. It is just so beautiful there. It is what I picture when I think of Colorado! Lush greens, rolling hills of rocks, beautiful rivers, beautiful weather, quaint little town, and snow caps in the distance! You can't beat it. Except the price, definitely gotta have the monies to live there! It's here where we found a place to enjoy the weather and put on our swim and sit in peace by the rocky rivers! 

I would have shared more photos of us here but our one pieces made for some high riding in the back and some really low cuts on the sides which pretty much eliminates coverage, so these three were the best I could share with you! Which really stinks because the rest of the images came out so beautifully! Oh well, guess I'm on the hunt for yet another swim suit that maybe I can actually take a picture in yet remain classy!

After Enjoying the shores of the river, we ventured off to our Airbnb! 

This place...... Heaven! It was just magical! We essentially were in a spa! Everything was pristine and all of the natural light and minimalist style made for such a relaxing and refreshing experience! We had fresh chocolate mint water awaiting us, she brought us down freshly chopped pieces of himalayan and sea bath salts, the best organic amenities, an amazing tub and shower, our bed was perfection, the best essential oils, I mean I could go on... Not to mention the lady who owned the house was so wonderful! She gave us a tour of her whole house, where everything was sustainable, simple, and purposed. There was not one thing in this house that was not thought through and visioned. I got all the Santorini vibes with the house being made of adobe! It brought back some great memories and made a great start for some new ones! Oh and did I mention we got to hold her Bearded Dragon! It was the friendliest, most aware, little creature ( Jesse would have died to have one)! Needless to say it was a dream, literally we left wondering if it was real for the price we paid. I mean what Airbnb host walks you out to your car and hugs you goodbye?!

While in Aspen that evening we proceeded to have an overpriced dinner, but we were starving so it was worth it... I think? Following the best nights sleep on this bed, which was so wonderful because after that I didn't sleep for 40 plus hours with flight complications! Win some, you lose some!

The next morning we had our amazing organic amenity/ spa bathroom experience, grabbed a coffee in town, and headed towards the incredible Maroon Bells! I wish everyone could experience the view driving to them and then standing beneath them, it's truly breathtaking! Pictures honestly don't do justice, but do they ever really?!

After the Bells we concluded our trip by making our way down to Colorado Springs area and then back up to Denver. You can bet a lot of coffee and good music made all this driving go by faster. However, all you really need is a good friend and some great views and you pretty much have it all anyways. While driving through I couldn't believe how much the scenery change wherever we went! At the start of our journey from Aspen where we took independant pass road, we climbed to 12,000 feet and everything turned to white and the air turned brisk and cold. My head also started to feel the pain of acclimation and so did my stomach. I didn't really have a problem the whole trip until this point, and they aren't lying! That sickness is real! But as we descended it faded away and we proceeded to drive through plains, mountains, red rocks, and grey rocks, snow caps, and evergreens. We of course had to make a stop at Garden of the Gods, because I'm a newbie and have to see some touristy things, but it was worth it! 

We got some pictures of Colorado Springs area on Sarah's film camera but that roll isn't done yet so we will just have to wait and see! 

 We finally made it back to Denver just before dark and I finalized my tickets only to realize it was delayed another two hours due to an hour thunderstorm in the middle of the night, so my now 1 am flight become 3:40 am. Not to mention this new flight conflicted with my two hour layover connecting flight in Philadelphia, and there were no other flights home that day! So I was a little stressed, but everything turned out fine as always! I hooked up with the closest flight to home and my husband picked me up. So as we awaited an even more brutal flight, Sarah made me some rice and coffee to try to help stay awake, what a friend! 

All in all, it was a trip I will never forget and a friend I will always love and continue to visit. We might not see each other weekly, monthly, or maybe sometimes yearly, but she still remains one of my closest and every time we see each other it's like no time has passed. Aren't those the best kind of friendships?! The ones that aren't forced or nerveracking but natural, honest, and fun! Next time I hope to bring my hubby and we will be doing a lot more adventure seeking, hiking, rock climbing, and outdoor activities.... and I will come better prepared with hiking gear and good hiking shoes, haha!

'Til next time!