Apple Pickin' / by Paige Johnson


Ahhh it's that time of year again! I really cannot even believe it. This year went by so fast for me! I know everyone says it just keeps getting faster and they are probably right. I love the holidays, always have. This year I was craving summer, winter was just so long for me this year. The cloudy dark gets to me after awhile. So I was really enjoying the sunshine. Then we got a few weeks of fall really early and I was not ready for it yet! However, all of a sudden it warmed right back up and it felt like we really got to enjoy a long full summer. Now, I'm ready! I feel like autumn has hit at a perfect time this year and the weather has been gorgeous. So that being said, I've been in full " Paige Mode", with planning and trying to ensure we get in all of our festive fun! I have to say every year, I feel like I'm somehow behind with what I want to do and accomplish. This year for the first time EVER, I actually feel ahead! Yay! I really think I'm enjoying the fall more than ever this year with having Iris. There's something about have a little one that makes everything festive so much more meaningful and special! So of course, I'm taking every chance I get to capture these special moments, as they only last once in a lifetime with each stage. Now guys, life does not look picture perfect day to day. I hope you know that! I love to capture and create beautiful moments, its a hobby of mine, but that does not mean it's my life! Life is messy, and busy, and very much not perfect but it's truly so wonderful. I hope the things I share leave you inspired, encouraged, or maybe just make you smile. So that being said, I hope you enjoy some fall fun below!