my newborn favorites. / by Paige Johnson

With being a new mom you always want to have the best for your baby. I always asked friends of mine who were mothers, read blogs, and did research on the best products. Now, after being a mom for almost half a year now I have found products that I could never part with! So I decided to share some of my favorite newborn essentials. So take a look and maybe you will find something you will fall in love with too or maybe a new shower gift! 

Clothing Basics:

Knot Hats: If you know me, you have probably realized that these were a staple for Iris for the first few months! When they are first born they are the most practical item to keep on their head. They helped Iris stay cozy and warm all while looking so stinkin' adorable. What's better than that? Not to mention they are also organic cotton which makes me feel just a little bit better with it being on their head sometimes all day. 

Nature Baby Hats:

Booties: Every mom wants the perfect pair of booties or shoes to stay on their newborn. It can seem impossible often times. I tried several brands of socks, booties, and shoes. These listed below by far were my favorite! They are simple, cute, and stay on perfectly! I have never had these fall off of Iris and she is quite the energizer bunny. Highly recommend. 


Footies: I love these! Super simple, soft, and comfy. They are fun to match with any headband, bow, or hat. 

Baby Gap:

Leggings: Pretty much all of Zara's baby leggings and clothes in general are amazing. They are great quality, soft, and adorable! 


Onesies: A staple for just about every baby. I will mention just to be careful with how you wash these. Definitely use some sort of softener because the fabric tends to be a little on the stiff side at times.

Gerber Organic:

Tees: If you are anything like me I get sick of onesies pretty quick. So a basic tee to match with cute bottoms was always more practical and easy. 

Burt's Bees Tees:,en_US,pd.html?start=11&cgid=Baby_knits_tees



Bottom Balm: Easily my favorite diaper balm! It is made from safe organic herbs and pure essential oils and butters. I love the consistency of this product, when you apply it it turns into a thin oil instead of being a thick cream. It also smells lovely!

Earth Mama Angel Balm:

Healing Balm: Works excellent on slight rashes, cuts, eczema, and dry irritated skin. I use this on my own face when it's dry! It's also made of safe organic ingredients.

Honest Healing Balm:

Wipes: This is something I am 100% willing to pay the extra money for. I have tried out my fair share of wipes with younger siblings and working at a learning center. These are the best by far in my opinion. In all reality, I feel like it really isn't more expensive because one pack lasts me forever due to the fact that 1 wipe does 3 times the job of other wipes I have tried. They are thicker, softer, and have a lot more substance to them. Not to mention they are made of healthy plant extracts and promote healthy skin. 

Honest Wipes:

Disposables: I'm a half cloth diaperer/half disposables. I pick and choose my battles I guess! These two below I have found to be my favorites for three reasons. They are safe, they leak the least, and they are adorable. 

Naty Diapers:

Honest Diapers:

Cloth: These two brands I have and love. They are all-in-one and super easy to use. 

BumGenius Freetime:

Blueberry Simplex Newborn:



Nipple Balm: A must obviously for nursing mothers and this was a staple for me for at least a month! It also serves as a good use for dry skin and other improvises! I used this a lot for Iris when her skin was easily irritated when she was first born and it helped soothe it a lot. It's most importantly a safe option for your newborn, being as they could ingest it, because it is made with only safe chemical free ingredients. 

Honest Nipple Balm:

 Nursing Pillow: Honestly, not a huge necessity. Once you get used to nursing you don't have to use anything but when they are first born this was really convenient especially when you are tired and need that extra support. I loved this pillow because it was a very firm structured shape and really supported the baby well all by itself. 

Ergo Natural Curve Nursing Pillow:

* Swaddles: This is by far one of my all time favorite newborn essentials! They serve just about every purpose. They work as a nice swaddle for newborns but also make a nice light blanket. Not to mention their main purpose becomes a nursing blanket. This is what I use them for 95 percent of the time! There are a lot of swaddle brands to choose from and I have three different brands myself. They all work the same and are good quality but these happen to be my favorite. They have the most gorgeous prints by far and are really soft. Made from 100% rayon from bamboo or 100% cotton. 

The Little Unicorn:   or

Vitamins: These were recommended to me by a friend! They are a great whole foods vitamin for you and your baby! They don't include DHA though, so make sure you also find a supplement for that!





SleepSack: I really liked this brand. Iris was quite the wiggle worm ever since birth and this really kept her arms in better than other ones we tried. Also made with organic cotton!


Soothing and Breathing Aid: I have used this product and sometimes lavender essential oil on Iris ever since she was born. I believe it really helps her sleep with easier breathing and calming aids. It most definitely helps when they have a little cold or are congested. It's a safe and healthy way to help with sleep! I even will use the rub on myself sometimes. It smells really nice and is harsh chemical free, which is a huge plus. 

Breathe Easy Rub:


Bath Time

Shampoo: I have always loved this shampoo. It serves as a body wash and shampoo. It is gentle, tear-free, non-toxic, pH balanced, etc. Honestly, my favorite part is the smell. They have three scents which are all very nice and not synthetic. The orange vanilla is the best smell ever to me! 

Honest Shampoo/Body Wash:

Washcloths:  Great washcloths! They are soo soft! They are made of bamboo and organic cotton and also are dye-free. You could also use them as reusable wipes if you are a pro cloth diaperer unlike myself! 

Bamboobino Washcloths:


Larger Essentials

Car Seat:  Seriously I adore this carseat. I wish I could have one in every single color, I wish I was kidding. It is incredibly easy to use and has features not a lot of car seats give you. The straps are so easy to adjust and tighten to safety standards. The base has true lock which makes safety even easier to achieve. The stability leg absorbs more impact on collision also making it much safer.  It has an awesome magnetic built in canopy for cold or sunny days. It is also a lighter weight carseat which is always nice. Not to mention it is the most stylish car seat ever. It has several other features as well, but I will spare you. My only wish now is that they will bring their toddler seat over to the United States market, but I digress!  


StrollerIf you do ever happen to get a Nuna they have several strollers that accommodate the carseat. I have the Pepp and it works great. It is such a timesaver when I am out shopping. It is so nice to be able to click her in and out of the car safely. What I really love about this stroller is it is so easy to navigate. It's lightweight, compact, and it is super smooth which often time strollers can lock up and be a pain to navigate. It is very excellent quality.

Nuna Pepp:

SwingIris really loves this swing. It has a very natural rhythm to it and gives you several different movement options. I think it mostly reminds her of riding in the car which she loves! It also gives you several sound options and you can plug music into it if your child is obsessed like mine. Also a plus thats it's super cute and modern! 


Carrier: Something most every new mom uses to give their arms a little break! My baby is such a bouncing maniac that I don't use it as often as some moms I know. However, I really do like the carrier because It has good versatility and I like the structure of it. It's firm enough to keep my little one from getting too crazy but gives enough room for a little give. It also has a newborn insert which is super helpful!  



BackpackThis is something that is on my list of things I wish I had and I want to get. I think a backpack is so much more practical than a diaper bag. It gives you a free hand and I think they are cuter. I really loves this brand because they give you the option to pick 1 out of 3 projects that give to a good cause!


Teether: Iris really loved these and still does! They are really easy for them to hold on to and they are great for teething. You can even wet the cloth ears and freeze them for extra soothing! They come in a huge variety of patterns which is a plus for me, who doesn't love options? 

Etsy Wooden Rings

Binky Holder: Well this didn't exactly help me out because Iris won't take a binky. However, it is so nice to have if your baby does! It's such a simple and cute way to keep track of your binky!

Etsy Binky Pouch:


These are just a few simple things that I loved as a new mom!

Let me know your favorites!